Meet the Leadfoot Transport Crew

The first member of the Leadfoot Transport Crew. Eastside Joe heads up the specialty division at Leadfoot Transport and you can find him pulling the newest addition to the fleet. His 2019 Landoll 835D double drop lowboy trailer can be seen in different parts of the country hauling all kinds of crazy stuff at any given time. Thanks to Joe's dedication and hard work Leadfoot Transport was able to get off the ground and continues to grow. Thanks Joe! 

Ronnie D. has been with us for quite a while now. He is a hard working ,happy all the time kind of guy and always willing to jump in and help no matter what we are getting ourselves into. Yet another great member of the Leadfoot crew and we are glad he is with us. 

Foxy Rob comes to us from Long Island, New York and brings his 20+ years of equipment transport experience to the Leadfoot Transport Crew to help us keep up with the demand for quality service. Thank you Rob for all you do!!

Cliff aka "Big Sexy"heads up the enclosed transport division transporting those weather sensitive items in his enclosed 53 foot step deck trailer. Big Sexy is a hustler and we can always count on him to make the deadline. A perfect addition to the Leadfoot Crew. 

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