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The Forklift Specialists


Leadfoot Transport specializes in moving equipment for the material handling industry. With our fleet of specialty trailers we are able to offer a rather unique way to transport your forklifts and other equipment that will allow your Sales, Service, and Rental departments to be more productive and profitable.  
Ok, so what do we "have to offer" the material handling industry? Glad you asked! Here are a few things: 

***  Leadfoot Transport has the capability to transport forklifts, order pickers, reach trucks, etc up to 124'' tall, standing,  in enclosed trailers.  The trailers are also equipped with a secure tie down system that eliminates the traditional, time consuming, back breaking method of blocking and bracing.  


*** For the equipment even taller than that we have  Double Drop trailers which are all outfitted with a Low Clearance Ramp System for easy loading. These trailers have the capability of transporting lifts as tall as 143 inches. These can also be driven on and off the trailers totally eliminating the need for having to lay them down for transport. 


*** Recap: Leadfoot Transport can eliminate many costly and time consuming steps that the forklift industry fights with today. With our specialty equipment you can take advantage of the following benefits and increase your profits:


** Techs can be out in the field tending to more tasks that promote customer service and generate revenue.

** No more transporting setup trucks and cradles around on your dime. You won't need too!!

**No more tying up valuable space your customers need while they wait for techs to come setup the trucks. 

** Customers can put the equipment to work immediately upon arrival and there are no days lost.  (Especially good for rental department!!)

** Sales staff can utilize the time they spend now explaining the delivery and setup process to make more sales calls.


                                               GIVE US A CALL TODAY SO WE CAN START HELPING YOU BE MORE PROFITABLE!!!!!

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